Slots is one of the most famous casino game, played by both the professional and the novice players. Slots is generally a luck based game so any kind of trick and strategy does not work in this game.

So in order to win at slots you need to be selective about the machine that you play slots game at, since the strategy won’t work here. Slots is a game played using ones luck so no one will like to play this game for a longer time period if they are on losing streak. So its important to select the slots machine carefully to increase a little luck on your side.

The very first rule of playing any game is to know all about it. Remember all the rules of this game, even though they are very few. And know all the versions and types of slots games and machines. Gclub provides all the different versions of slot games along with higher payouts. And the last most important rule to playing any game is that you must enjoy it to the fullest forgetting about losing or winning.

There are generally two types of slots machines present in a casino. Hot slots machine and cold slots machine. In games there are two types of slots games played at a casino- progressive slots and non-progressive slots.

Progressive slots are the games whose result depend upon the previous slots games played at the same machine by the player. The amount user wins is usually large. And non- progressive slots are the ones where the outcome of the game is not related to the previous game. The prize won by the players is usually small but is guaranteed.

Once you select the type of slots game you need to select the slots machine. Hot slots are the ones that gives highest payout. These are placed near the cafes, and winning booth so that others players get attracted to the game. Cold slots are the ones that does not give out good payouts, these are placed near the casino table games. Select the one that interest you and start playing and winning.